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About us

Lovely Sheep Boutique is a small family-owned business founded in 2018.
We specialize in premium quality, natural clothing hand-crafted with love, care, and attention. All garments are hand-crafted and designed in a small family-owned "Green Rose" factory in Lithuania (EU), the heart of Baltics. 

Our story

The idea for Lovely Sheep Boutique sparked a few years ago after one year living in Switzerland.  Our first journey with natural clothing started 5 years ago, when the first child was born. Then we began learning about the incredible benefits of natural fabrics first-hand. The main intention was to give our first child the best we can.

After experimenting with different materials, it was clear that we felt much better in clothing made from 100% natural materials. Merino wool, bamboo, organic cotton, and linen became the primary materials in our wardrobes. Our family loved how kind to skin, breathable, and comfortable these fabrics were – whether we were taking a walk in the woods, or challenging ourselves with a hike or skiing in the mountains!

If our family loved these materials - we thought - other families would too.
So, we made it our mission to share premium quality, natural clothing with others – and Lovely Sheep Boutique was born.

The Swiss way of life

Our brand Lovely Sheep Boutique has also been inspired by the Swiss way of life. Passion for comfort, quality and practicality are the defining features of the Swiss lifestyle.

People live and thrive in the outdoors - all year round. There’s an appreciation for comfort and quality – and a life-long search for durability, practicality, and sustainability.

These features strongly resonate with our ethos. A high-quality life is inseparable from quality clothing – and that’s what Lovely Sheep Boutique is about.

The benefits of natural fabrics

Our clothes are made from merino wool, merino wool with silk. 

Merino wool

Breathable, comfortable, and warm – merino wool is the ideal fabric for thermal clothing. It will keep you warm in the cold, and release warmth to cool you down when conditions heat up. Since it’s odor-resistant and sweat-absorbent, you can trust merino wool to keep you dry and comfortable in any weather. So it is a perfect choice for everyday wearing.

And if you or your little ones have sensitive skin – you’ll love merino wool even more. It’s soft, flexible and hypoallergenic – making it ideal not only for adults but also for babies and kids.


Merino wool with silk

Adding silk to merino wool makes the material exceptionally soft and perfectly suitable for those with sensitive, easily irritated skin.

Suitable for sensitive skin

Our clothes and accessories are made from 100% natural fabrics and painted using natural dye – making them suitable even for people with allergies or particularly sensitive skin.

Tried and tested by our family

Since Lovely Sheep Boutique is a family business, all our products are first tried and tested by us. Only when we’re sure that the product meets our quality standards, we add it to our shop.
We feel responsible for offering the highest quality clothing and accessories to our customers. Therefore, we partner only with reputable companies certified by STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX®

oeko-tex 100 standart lovely sheep boutique              

We truly hope that you will love our products as much as we do – and we can’t wait to share our beautiful collection with you!

Lovely Sheep Boutique

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