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Merino wool

Merino wool clothes are perfect for people who live or love being and playing outdoors. Our clothing is made from high quality merino wool and is comfortable to wear. Our merino wool clothing keeps even body temperature and lets your body cool slowly, without letting you freeze and getting cold. These merino wool clothes are very soft and light. One of the best and unique merino wool features is that this material absorbs water very well, so you will always be dry. 

Merino clothing

Lovely Sheep Boutique has a wide range of merino wool clothes, like thermal underwear, thermal clothing for sportsmen and kids thermals. We are proud to offer you this merino clothing because it has many good and useful qualities for people: 

  • Merino wool clothing is excellent at regulating body temperature;
  • It provides warmth without overheating the wearer;
  • Merino clothing draws moisture away, letting the wearer feel warm and comfortable;
  • Merino wool clothes are on of the softest types of clothes, for this reason it is perfect to wear for your kids;
  • Merino wool has antibacterial features and is recommended for allergic people and newborn babies;
  • This clothing does not have the sweat odor even after wearing them several days in a row;
  • You can feel pleasant warmth while wearing merino thermal clothes because it reduces some pain and loosen up muscles and joints. It is highly recommended for people with rheumatism and joint problems;
  • It is easy to take care and no need to wash it very often.